When is a Travel Plan Required?

Following the withdrawal, in October 2014, of The Department for Transport Document (March 2007) ‘Guidance on Transport Assessment’ guidance on the preparation of supporting documentation in highway assessment terms can be found in the Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) suite of documents and in particular in “Travel Plans, Transport Assessments and Statements in decision taking”. ┬áThis guidance is intended to assist all stakeholders in determining whether a Travel Plan may be required.

Travel plans may also be required for developments under the Transport Assessment threshold. The criteria below are a reflection of the fact that some smaller scale developments can have significant transport impacts. A travel plan will be required for:

  • Any development in or near an Air Quality Management Area
  • Any development in an area that has been identified within the Local Transport Plan (LTP) for the delivery of specific initiatives or targets for the reduction of traffic, or the promotion of public transport, walking or cycling
  • Any area specified in the Local Development Framework (LDF), where it is known that the cumulative impact of development proposals is a cause for concern
  • The provision of new or extended school and other educational facilities
  • An extension to an existing development that causes the travel impact of the site to exceed the threshold for a Transport Assessment
  • All instances where the local planning authority requires it

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