Travel Plan Coordinator

A Travel Plan is a package of practical measures and objectives, aimed at the specific needs of an existing or proposed development. The requirement for providing a Travel Plan for a new development has now become common place, in accordance with local and national planning policy and good practice.

The main objectives of a Travel Plan are to provide incentives and/or disincentives to encourage users of a development to travel in a sustainable manner, which can mean choosing to travel by more sustainable modes than the single occupied car or changes to working practices that remove the need to travel altogether.

As part of any Travel Plan there is a need for a Travel Plan Coordinator (or TPC) to be appointed, whose role and responsibilities include:

  • Implementing Travel Plan Measures
  • Liaising with users of the development and promoting sustainable travel
  • Liaising with stakeholders, including the Local Planning and Transport Authorities
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the Travel Plan, including Travel Surveys
  • Reviewing the Travel Plan and preparing Action Plans

For large scale developments, the role of Travel Plan Coordinator may require someone to be employed on a full time basis. For smaller developments, the role of Travel Plan Coordinator may only be a part time position and is often assigned to a specialist provider, such as Sanderson Associates.

Sanderson Associates have extensive experience of producing Travel Plans and acting as Travel Plan Coordinator for a variety of development types and existing businesses. As a Travel Plan Coordinator is critical to the effective implementation of a Travel Plan and should ensure that any planning requirements of a development are adhered to, it is strongly advised that the Appointing of a Travel Plan Coordinator is undertaken well in advance of the opening of the new development, as the Travel Plan Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that all of the Travel Plan Measures are implemented prior to first occupation.

Sanderson Associates have recently acted (or are currently acting) as Travel Plan Coordinators at a number of large scale developments, examples of which are as follows:

  • Residential development in Handsworth
  • Retail development in Sheffield
  • Mixed retail and distribution (B8) development in Anlaby
  • Business Park in Hull

Require a Travel Plan Coordinator?

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