The Benefits of a Travel Plan

Travel Plans can and do deliver a wide range of benefits. For developers travel plans can reduce development costs, make a site more accessible and smooth the planning process. The benefits for local authorities include helping achievement of wider local government objectives and managing demand across travel modes. A Travel Plan will assist in bringing about a wide range of benefits to the wider community such as:-

  • Reducing peak time congestion
  • Reducing harmful transport emissions and reducing energy use
  • Improving accessibility and tackling social exclusion
  • Improved public transport

On a more localised level effective Travel Plans can also deliver a wide range of benefits to individual sites and organisations such as:-

  • Reduction in vehicular trips potentially reducing the cost of off-site highway works
  • Reduction in operating costs by introducing sustainable/more efficient options such as pool cars/Car Club spaces
  • Creating additional site capacity by reducing the need for car parking spaces and their on-going maintenance costs
  • Enhancing the image of the company/organisation in question in environmental terms which supports Corporate Responsibility
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles through more physical activity and use of active travel modes

Need a Travel Plan?

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